Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Shoulder Angel and Her Resurection

Here is a funny story that happened in Mama's class last week. It is very fitting for Easter. We have an Autistic boy (SB) in our class this year, and he has been a lot of fun! He has an aide that follows him around to help him through his day. We call her his "Shoulder Angel." One day she came to me and said that it was time for some plastic surgery. I asked her why, and this is what she told me:
SB had noticed that she had some loose skin under her chin, and started obsessing over it. Once he discovered how soft it was, he just kept touching her and would NOT leave her alone. She would say, "Now, SB, you need to stop touching me there." and he would say, "OH! But it is so soft! I really like it!" And he just would not stop.
A little while later she came up to me again, and said, "You will never believe what SB just said to me." All I could say way, "Oh no, what now!" And she said that he had said, "You know, in the resurection, you won't have to bother about that skin anymore."